About the American Dreaming site

This is “American Dreaming” because the American Dream is not just a static condition or even a single idealized end goal. It is, or at least it ought to be, a dynamic process of both striving for the fulfillment of noble ideals for our society and the attainment of the personal potential of each individual human being within it.

This site is here because, on the one hand, the site founder has always been idealistic about the vast potential of humanity and patriotic about the United States of America referring to ideals based on that potential in her founding principles, while, on the other hand, he has realized through many experiences and observations over the past decades that there is often a huge difference between ideals and reality. And there ought to be a place where those ideals and the realities of actual conditions in our nation and in the world around us can be clearly stated and placed side by side so that the differences can be exposed and solutions can be sought to our problems that are consistent with the great principles that our country claims as its foundation.

On the national and international front:

Many sites, publications, and movements in the media today are be full of bite-sized tidbits of events and/or statements of opinion, often driven by emotions and unsupported by much of any depth of reason, research, or real consideration of principles. But every event has a backstory, often not covered or woefully lacking in coverage by the superficial media. And every campaign, whether it be for change or for the preservation of tradition, ought to be based firmly on principles that are well founded in the nature and potential of the Human Spirit.

While we will certainly discuss politics, this is not, strictly speaking, just a political site, at least not in the normal sense. And while we will definitely promote what many have come to think of as “American Ideals,” we are not so short-sighted as to think that America is always right merely because she is America. We will not be afraid to point out problems with our government, flaws with our economy, and inequities in our society, because first confessing our sins is the only way to even set foot upon the road of self-improvement.

And, while we will most assuredly take strong stands on many issues, that does not mean that they are not open for debate even within these pages. Everything must be open to questioning and rational discussion, especially our most firmly held opinions and beliefs, if we are to understand each other or even ourselves, and especially if we are to move forward toward solutions to our problems and the maximization of our achievements for ourselves, our nation, and the world.

With regard to issues facing America and the world, we invite debate where debate is desired and sometimes even required on contentious issues. But beyond just debate, which can be divisive and polarizing, we seek even more fervently a passionate yet rational exploration of the way forward for our nation and the world. And, in so doing, we desire a partnership with minds and hearts who have diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and feelings on many issues as we seek to find ways to promote the well-being and success of each precious individual in our nation and on the planet.

The Potential of Each Individual

And on a level that is perhaps even more important than discussing or even attempting to solve the problems of the nation and the world, we seek to promote the realization of the full potential of Life for each individual human being. After all, the individual mind and heart is the fundamental unit of our society. And the ever increasing realization of the potential of the Human Spirit within each individual is the real driver of progress at any level within any nation and throughout the world.

So, in advancing hope for our future, we seek to promote within and among each and every individual among mankind, the empathy and compassion that leads to the realization of Universal Brotherhood, knowledge and understanding of our world, ourselves and each other that hopefully leads to the path of wisdom, and the courage to forge ahead to build an increasingly better world for ourselves and our posterity.

Beyond the “American” Dream

Finally, we must point out that, although we discuss here what is called in popular discourse the “American Dream,” what we are really talking about is based on fundamental human nature. Human rights, if they are to properly be called “rights” at all, must be recognized as universal. If we claim as merely nationalistic our right to freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity, then we give up the very foundation in Natural Law upon which we lay our claim to those rights in the first place.

So, although we will hold a special place in our discussions for the United States of America as a crucible in the grand experiment of the evolution of modern civilization, if we actually believe that our claim to our rights is as securely founded in Natural Law as we would like to think, we must also keep in mind our brothers and sisters in all lands throughout the world.