The genesis of this site was originally in my desire to share some significant personal experiences that my family and I have gone through over the past 10 years and what we have learned from them in our own pursuit of our particular version of “The American Dream.” But the more I thought and the more I started to write, the more I realized how much our own experiences and desires related to the ideals and the problems and the overall situation of the country at large. And so, my writing expanded to include the principles and ideals of our way of life in the Western world, and various perceptions of the activities and especially the shortcomings of the political realm.

And then another set of realizations occurred to me. I had always really known them of course. But they came much more clearly into focus especially as I started to analyze and convey some of the most meaningful and far-reaching problems with our society, to put into words the foundation of our most noble ideals, and to express the most poignant aspects of our own experiences:

First of all, although, collectively, my family and I do have a decent knowledge of the workings of economics and the history of our country and the world, both through formal education and through years of experience, observation, and further study, I am far from being a real expert in many things.

And secondly, even though I and my family have been through some significant experiences that have provided some very meaningful insight into many things, I am certain that there are others who have just as important stories to tell, insights to share, and ideals to express as we could possibly come up with ourselves in these pages.

What is your passion?

Do you have a story to tell? A unique and interesting perspective on the history of America or the world? A particular passion for a view of history or the way things ought to be? Do you have different or even opposing views, additional facts, or an alternate perspective on items or events that are published here? Is there more research to be done on some particularly important item? (There is always more research to be done.)

I would love to share this space with others who have an urge to tell their own stories of the past and present and or their visions of the future.

For now, this is obviously just a new and experimental little corner of cyberspace. Eventually, if readership grows and the site actually produces an income, we may be looking for regular, paid contributors. At the moment what we can offer is a fresh space on a brand new start-up web site for a few passionate people to express what they have an urge to share with the world.

Items of particular interest would include:

  • Interesting details of American or World history, especially as they may pertain to current-day problems or situations or the founding ideals of our society.
  • Economics and politics. Do you have an opinion? More importantly do you have the knowledge to back it up with facts and details? Maybe the relationship between Congress and the Banking system? The interwoven complexities of the situation in the Middle East?
  • Personal accomplishments and struggles. Do you have a story of a success in business? Or maybe a disastrous failure? An interesting tale of how your family came to this country?
  • Inspirations for and about the potential of the Human Spirit. What amazing things are we capable of accomplishing … with technology … or without technology?
  • The natural environment. What have we accomplished since the first “Earth Day?” What do we have left to do? Where have we gone too far? What are the actual facts behind all the talk of “climate change>”
  • Interesting perspectives or insights into current events or the state of our society. What should the President or Congress have done in that most recent situation? How was the latest disaster handled or what made it come about? What is going to be the outcome of the latest move by Russia? … China? … or by a major or rising power in the Middle East?

  • If you enjoy writing and have something interesting to say, tell me about it at: