The Long View

People tend to be short-sighted. We might as well admit it. Maybe it’s because we have too much to do. Maybe it’s because history class was boring. But people in our society today tend not to have much of a perspective on our past, and that’s not a good thing because our perspective on where we’ve been has a great deal to do with our attitude about where we are going.

Nature, Religion & the Age of the Earth
Our purpose in this site is not to get into all the various nuances of differences of opinion people may have about matters of religion. But there are some subjects which certain religious sects would like to claim within their own purview upon which we must take a stand in order to promote a constructive set of ideals for America and the world. One of those subjects is the long view of history, including the age of the Earth.

Why is this subject so important, especially with all of the other issues confronting us at this time? There are two very important reasons:

The first reason is to simply recognize the truth of the matter.

The other reason is the effect that truth ought to have on people’s perspective on life, on our natural and human-formed environments, and on our hopes and dreams and aspirations and efforts for our future.


The Corporate World
Corporate shortsightedness.

when I was an accountant

The bank crisis.

Personal business & debt.


The Natural Environment

The Fox, etc.

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