All you need is Love

The word “love” has lots of meanings.
crass, materialistic desire for money or an object
intensely sensual passion toward a romantic partner
profound admiration for mysteries of natural universe
desire to help others in need.

The best and highest meaning embodies the appreciation.
Appreciation for others; the world; self; life.
Even in reference to romantic desire, the best love is appreciation.

As it relates to the American Dream, love must be more than just an intense patriotism toward a country
The heart of idealism —
Fundamental to our lives as sentient beings

Real love is not something you fall into.
Real love is something that you create, grow like a flower in a garden.

It’s said that real love requires work.
True in a certain way. But simplistic. Gives the wrong impression.
Partnership requires work because sustaining life requires work.
It’s not really the love that requires the work.
Has more to do with attitude … allowing it to grow. Seeing the other point of view. Getting out of our box; taking blinders off.

Love and community.
Story of homily

Inner Light, the Way … the teaching, Community.
Community of the Holy Spirit.
Christ, the Way, Church. The Church referred to as the “bride of Christ.”
Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.
In the case of Buddhism, the Buddha is seen as more of a prophet and teacher than an item of absolute divinity.
In each case, the teacher is the embodiment of the inner light.
In each case, the community is admonished to become infused with the spirit of the teaching — Love.
Regardless of what physical text or religious package the concepts are wrapped up into, the basic principles and underlying truths are the same.
In both, the Spiritual light is logos, wisdom, ultimately the inner potential of each person.

Love is Forgiveness
Forgiveness is ease, grace
Receiving grace is natural result of giving.
Forgiveness = giving grace in return for discord.

Letting go of anxiety.
Non-attachment (Buddha)
No thought for the morrow (Jesus)
Subtle difference. Not lack of caring. Lack of taking it personally.
Four agreements.

“Do unto others …” is much more than just a commandment given to us by an external authority. It is derived directly from our inner capacity for empathy with other parts of life

Forgiveness rightfully used is not acquiescence, not complacency in the face of wrongdoing.

Love, Wisdom, Strength.