A More Fundamental Fundamentalism

Spirituality & religion.

Religion can be good, but only if not exclusive & divisive; quote: Dad’s Priest story about St. Peter;

Any God who does not have room for a good-hearted atheist in his heaven is not worthy of worship.

Truth before Text.
Include intro to “A Christian Nation?”; “Christian” ethics, Ten Commandments, historical codification, evolutionary society

The nature of “self evident” in science. Discovery.
Need to promote ideas. Acceptance. The role of acceptance.
Need for self-analysis, refinement, making the best, consensus.

Faith in what? Absolute faith in the Bible requires arrogance; and arrogance is a sin.
Faith in men who wrote the Bible; faith in your own decision to believe there are no errors; faith that there was not a political agenda behind the Council of Nicea; (there would never be a political agenda in the Catholic Church.)
faith in the Spirit and Mystery of Life: Humility, awe, wonder, love, respect, appreciation.

Where is God?

Christianity, pantheism, evolution, and how it matters (origins of feeling of faith)

Wisdom in Genesis

Interpretation of the “Fall of Man”

Christian Sacrifice & Salvation

Love is God
Forgiveness is Salvation.
the real teaching & commandment of Jesus (ref Matthew)

Are people “just animals?”

The question can only be voiced by someone who hasn’t considered the very complexities of life that often get used as an argument for their own version of the entity that they call “God.”
Consider and understand:
What an “animal” is.
Interconnected nature of life, and all of existence for that matter.
Nature of things is not “black and white.”
Intelligence is a continuum.
Compassion & other emotions are a continuum.
Relates also to ethics.