The Human Spirit

The Human Sprit

What are you? What is the human psyche? When we talk about the dreams and aspirations and ideals of mankind or when we look into the subject of morals and ethics or even economics, we must do it with our view of the nature of humanity in mind.

So, here we ask: What are you?
Greatest scientist, most most knowledgeable reader of sacred text, deepest thinker of spiritual philosophy:
must answer: “I don’t know.”

Psyche: Models of

Unlimited Potential

Story of Lucile and Wright Brothers.

Pictures of Wright Flyer & Apollo.

Potential for exploration & understanding.

We can build a sun.

Potential for understanding in human terms. Appreciation, love.

Project Orion.

As soon as somebody demonstrates the art of flying, settlers from our species of man will not be lacking [on the Moon and Jupiter]. . . . Who would have believed that a huge ocean could be crossed more peacefully and safely than the the narrow expanse of the Adriatic, the Baltic Sea or the English Channel? Provide ship or sails adapted to the heavenly breezes, and there will be some who will not fear even that void [of space]. . . . So, for those who will come shortly to attempt this journey, let us establish the astronomy: Galileo, you of Jupiter, I of the Moon.

— Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, ‘Conversation with the Messenger from the Stars,’ 19 April 1610.

Models of Psyche

Growth of industry.
Freud, Maslow, others.
Love, Wisdom, Power. Wizard of Oz.

A Shocking Discovery

The Milgram Experiment. What it says about us. End with promoting being better than that. Possibility of learning to be better.

All you need is Love

Not quite all we need. What is real love? Create and not just fall into. Appreciation. Walking in others’ shoes.


Two kinds, or two phases.
First is necessary. Ref “salvation”.
Second is conditional. Ref confession & penance.

The Secret

Focusing your life.

Not hocus pocus.

Attention, sight, power of qualification.


sacred doubt